At the box office 28-30.01

Second week in the raw, american public has chosen multiple personality thriller by M. Night Shyamalan to be most watched movie at the box office. Surprisingly movie in the 2nd week has earned 26.2 m$ and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Split has created positive buzz around it and in ten days it surpassed Shyamalans previous movie The Visit. If this trend continues this will be Shyamalans big return after lots of failures (lets never forget and forgive him The Last Airbender, or even worse Lady in the Water, brrr that movie give me boredom shivers). Internationally Split has already crossed 100 m$ worldwide.

First new entry was the new dog drama, yes, you heard it right, dog drama A Dogs Purpose with 18.3 m$. I would be rather suspicious about such movies but when you learn that Lasse Halstrom (Chocolat, The Cider House Rules) is behind the camera you must get more interested. Movie is based on the bestselling book by W. Bruce Cameron and it costed reported 22m$. The movie had mostly negative reviews and there is a huge controversy over possible animal cruelty while filming this movie. See it here:

Hidden Figures, Oscar nominated drama about NASA staffers and who were the ladies behind the success of NASA space missions, holds respectable third place and it has reached 100m$ mark after a month in wide release.

Final chapter in Resident Evil saga has opened at fourth with merchandise lowest result yet 13.8m$. Milla Jovovich and Paul WS Anderson have obviously reached the end of the story. Even if the results are kinda bad, the movie is leaning more on international cinema goers and as a plus reviews are moderately positive. 41% on Rotten Tomatoes for R.Evil movie is a lot!

The multiple Oscar nominee and favorite La La Land has stayed in the fifth place with 12 m$. Domestically they have passed 100m$ mark and internationally they are already at the total of 223.5m$.

The rest of the chart consist of movies that are slowly falling from top 10 list. Interesting fact is that Star Wars Rogue One is just a few millions away from displacing The Dark Knight from 6th highest grossing release in USA box office history.

Last new entry for this week came on the 10th spot, Matthew McConaghey adventure Gold with disappointing 3.5 m$. Directed by Oscar-winning screenwriter Stephen Gaghan (Traffic), this story based on true facts was not only financial failure, but it seems also that it failed with the critics. 38 % average from Rotten Tomatoes.

Next weekend we wait for Samara to come out of the cinema screen in horror sequel Rings, and we have one teen scifi romance with Asa Butterfield that will surely make a big splash, the movie is called The Space between Us.  In limited release we will see new comedy from Robert De Niro, The Comedian.

1. Split 26.2 M $77.9 M
2. A Dog’s Purpose 18.3 M NEW
3. Hidden Figures 14 M $104 M
4. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter 13.8 M NEW
5. La La Land 12 M $106.5 M
6. xXx: The Return of Xander Cage 8.2 M $33.4 M
7. Sing 6.2 M $257.4 M
8. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 5.1 M $520 M
9. Monster Trucks 4.1 M $28.1 M
10. Gold 3.4 M NEW

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