Superbowl Trailers 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Ok, i wasn’t on board when the first teaser hit the web. This is completely different story and it got me cheering yay! Plus we get to see Captain Jack!

Disney is going big with this one, and in this trailer you can see it. Well done!

The Fate of the Furious

Is it 8th fast and the furious? Yea it is.

Quite unbelievable. How did we get here?

So the crew is back, and they are going crazy with cars and submarines i guess. This time we have Charlize Theron and Helen freaking Mirren in the movie! Its time to enjoy the 8th ride.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Marvels biggest surprise hit is making a comeback. We are all very very excited for this one. All the crew from the first one appears in 2nd one as well as you can see in this Superbowl trailer.

This might be the biggest summer hit this season. Get excited!

Stranger Things – Season 2

Everyone is going GAGA over Stranger Things season 2. here comes the first look into it. Netflix will go big with this one. Looks a bit like a Myst ending coming to our world. World has gone upside down after first season finished. Lets see what will happen next!

Ghost in the Shell

Paramount’s big budget manga adaptation with Scarlett Johansson looks like a cyber scifi spectacle. Original story is quite amazing and i dont think they can destroy it that much. Looking forward to it!

Hopefully this will open the doors for more cyber scifi movies, anyone thinks that William Gibson novels should get more screening time?

Transformers: The Last Knight

The Transformers franchise has earn more the 3.7 billion dollars! Cmon people lets stop feeding the ego of Michael Bay. Fifth feature film promises more of the same, spectacular action without any character development and story line. Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Hopkins are cashing in their checks with no effort.

A Cure for Wellness

“Are you tired of not feeling well?” – smart marketing for most interesting movie that is coming in February. Directed by Gore Verbinski this might be a sleeper hit we have been waiting this month.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Hulu has new show on their hands. This is ambitious adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s grim dystopian drama

The story of an extreme Christian movement overthrowing the government and taking away all of women’s rights is certainly timely, and this new spot hints at a loyal adaptation, bleak and clinical yet still packing an emotional punch.


If you feel cheated by The Martian or by Passengers and lack of scifi action in space (and lack of aliens) here comes the movie that will fix that. Life stars Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhal and their fight with a nasty little space creatures. Based on the exciting thriller there will be trouble and screaming in space. Excitement factor has just gone through the roof for this one!


“What are you wearing“ – “Freedom“ must be the best line seen today.

Everyone must admit that Baywatch was a stupid show. So seeing the trailer they have done a lot to improve it. Taking the Baywatch premise to 21 Jump street comedy route must be the best decision ever. Star power and funny one liners could be a winning formula for this one.

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