If you felt that Wolverine saga never managed to reach its potential you are not the only one. For me it was always too PC, too light, and if there was no interaction with the other X-men, Wolverine as a character felt pretty dry and boring (don’t get me started on Japanese story line ew!).

Logan managed what previous Wolvie movies couldn’t do, it fully exploded with gritty, dark R rated action in the background of serious family drama. It went so rogue from the comic book world that it feels like a perfect Wolverine movie, outcast to an outcast. And all of the people that have seen Logan should agree this IS the best Wolverine movie.

Long, long time ago in the year 2000 Bryan Singer’s X-men came out and opened a door for all the other superhero movies. The pillars of original X-men movie were Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier and Hugh Jackman as a rabid Wolverine.

Now, 17 years later, superhero movies are going through golden era and Marvel & Disney are the most powerful force in cinema today.

Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman are veterans of the genre and Logan is more than an adequate farewell for the characters that marked their career.

I have read somewhere that Logan looks more as a Quentin Tarantino pic then the Marvel superhero movie and that is completely right. It is obvious that inspiration for the script has been found in old western movies.

Main characters are struggling with their mortality as they search for the redemption for their wounded soul.


My impression is that three quarters of the movie are just perfect, combination of action, quality dialogues, character development. The last quarter for goes goes a bit too much into the Lord of the Flies – think of a children – territory and movie loses its grip.

That’s the reason why the catharsis we should feel for the main character is not there and as much as I love X-men world and Wolverine movies, I felt a bit meeh at the end.

Don’t get me wrong Logan is an excellent X-men movie, maybe even the best, I just felt the end could have been handled a little bit better without getting in the trap of clichés.

So if you have invested your time into watching X-men movies, this is a must see. Even if you are not a fan of the superhero genre expect quality family drama with some fantasy elements.

Highly recommended


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