Kong is the King of the box office

Kong Skull Island was triumphant at the box office this weekend with an estimated opening of 61$ mil$. This is good news for Warner as they will continue to build their monster squad franchise. Godzilla vs Kong coming in near future, but before expect Godzilla King of Monsters.

Kong: Skull Island reportedly came with a 185 mil$ price tag but worldwide opening weekend it earned 142 mil$ making it a success story. I can agree with critics and majority of public that say Kong is one of the most entertaining blockbusters recently. Pop corn in hands and go directly to the nearest cinema (78% on Rotten Tomatoes).

Logan is on the 2nd place with impressive 37.8 mil$. Internationally it earned already 438 mil$ which makes it one of the most successful X men movies.

Surprise story at the box office continues to be Get Out, horror movie from comic Jordan Peele; if we say that movie cost was 5 mil$ and that domestically it earned already 111 mil$ we can concur it is the most successful movie this year.

The religious drama The Shack moved to fourth with 10 mil$, down only 37% from its opening last week.

The Lego Batman movie was in fifth with $7.8 million for a domestic total of 159 mil$, and worldwide total of $275 million.

The teen drama Before i Fall  held onto sixth place with 3.1 mill$. The NASA drama Hidden Figures continued to orbit seventh place with 2.7 mil$. John Wick 2 was close behind in eighth with 2,7 mil$ as the R-rated Keanu Reeves hit man sequel has reached $153 million worldwide.

Multiple award-winner La La Land moved up a spot post-Oscars to ninth place with 1.7 mil$, and the Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone musical romance has danced to a remarkable 416 mil$ worldwide. The sequel Fifty Shades Darker closed out the list with $1.6 million.

Next week in cinema, we will see cartoon come to life, Disney’s adaptation Beauty and the Beast which will kill at the box office (preliminary outselling Captain America Civil War which opened 172 mil$. For people who wanna see something different there is office horror in The Belko Experiment from the writer and producer James Gunn, and american audience will finally choose life or something else in Danny Boyle’s sequel T2: Trainspotting .

Box office 10 – 12 March 2017


Kong: Skull Island

$61 M




$37.8 M

$152.6 M


Get Out

$21 M

$111 M


The Shack

$10 M

$32.2 M


The LEGO Batman Movie

$7.8 M

$159 M


Before I Fall

$3.1 M

$9 M


Hidden Figures

$2.7 M

$162.8 M


John Wick: Chapter 2

$2.7 M

$87.1 M


La La Land

$1.7 M

$148.4 M


Fifty Shades Darker

$1.6 M

$112.9 M


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