Teaser trailer – Pixar’s Coco

Pixar has been preoccupied too much with sequels, and they didn’t spend much time on original movies. Except Coco!

The first teaser gets us to a world of Miguel, a young boy who spends his time teaching himself to play the guitar by mimicking the finger movements of guitarists on TV. He’s doing so in the middle of the night, as quietly as possible.

It’s clear that he’s not supposed to be doing it. Eventually, he’s overwhelmed by the desire to play one specific guitar. It belonged to his idol Ernesto de la Cruz, and upon discovering that his own life is connected to that of Cruz, Miguel plays the guitar, and that’s when the fun starts. Miguel gets transported to the Land of the Dead. His family can no longer see him, but the spirits that apparently live around us all can.

Dont know about you but hell yeaaaah!!! Excited!!!

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