Review: Beauty and the Beast

For a tale as old as time, this is really freaking fresh!

First of all lets start with the expectations, I’m not a big musical fan, I’m not a big Beauty and the Beast fan, and on the other hand we all know the story, we all know the songs, we all know characters, and still Beauty and the Beast completely WoooooWed me, transported into a land of magic and brought me happiness and joy!

The essence of the story is very well known. An enchantress transforms a selfish prince into a Beast until he learns to love and be loved. Also she turned all of his staff into household object that become less human over time. A young woman, Belle, by accident or faith ends up in the Beast’s castle as a prisoner. Through element that is close to  Stockholm syndrome they begin to care for each other. The question is whether they’ll fall in love before the rules of the spell render it too late for the Beast and the staff to become human again….

Ok, the story is so well known its a bit of a non sense talking about it. What makes Beauty and the Beast so mesmerizing is sheer brilliance of today’s technical abilities to create fantasy life on the big screen. It helps as well to have amazing cast, lead by Emma Watson as strong and smart Belle, Luke Evans who is perfect as obnoxious narcissistic chauvinist Gaston, his sidekick LeFou, and realistic CGI beast with human features.

And don’t get me started on those lavishing songs and epicness of it all. The film biggest sequence is set to the song Be My Guest and goes into psychedelic neon colors and explosions all over the screen. Just woooowzies!

I must admit after watching the whole movie i felt like i ate a ton of chocolate and my serotonin levels were high up in the sky. Disney again succeeded in transporting us to their world of wonders and we are so happy that we are going to keep on visiting it for years to come. Instant classic.

★★★★★  5/5


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