Charlie XCX – ILY2

Number 1 Angel, Charli XCX’s latest mixtape, emerged after three years without any major releases on Charli’s end. That’s not to say that she hasn’t been busy — in the past year alone, Charli has crossed over into J-Pop, performed on Kimmel on white fur-lined set while wearing a white fur bikini and released her Vroom Vroom EP. So as you can see Charlie has learned … Continue reading Charlie XCX – ILY2

Ten Fé: “Twist Your Arm (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)”

Norweigan disco duo Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas are bringing you todays song of the day which is an amazing  remix of London duo Ten Fé’s single “Twist Your Arm.”  The track is off the indie band’s recently released debut album, Hit The Light, and it’s remixed into greatness! Even Ten Fe were impressed with the result. They discussed about the first time when they heard the remix:  “It was at … Continue reading Ten Fé: “Twist Your Arm (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)”

Jennifer Hudson – Remember Me

Today’s song of the day “Remember Me” is the lead single from Jennifer Hudson’s upcoming Epic Records debut album (her fourth album) which she is completing with LA Reid and Clive Davis.

“As an artist, when I discover music that I connect with deeply, it brings me a sense of excitement that I can’t put into words,” said Ms. Hudson. “That’s how I feel about “Remember Me”. Everything about it is special – from co-writing it with Jamie, to the recording process, to how it made me feel along the way. I just can’t wait to share it with the world.” Continue reading Jennifer Hudson – Remember Me

Gavin Turek – On The Line

Disco lights, 80s revival and soulful voice of LA singer Gavin Turek will transport you on the dancefloor. Her voice, sultry and seductive, sits perfectly in middle of the syncopated synthpop and electric basslines. Her new EP, Good Look For You, is a dance-ready offering that showcases the artist’s treasured old soul, mixed with a more lyrically contemporary edge. Continue reading Gavin Turek – On The Line

The Golden Filter – Rivers

The Golden Filter is an American/Australian electronic music duo from New York City, formed in 2008, now based in London. The band consists of Penelope Trappes and Stephen Hindman.

Moving from an uptempo first half to a darker, harder second, it’s a record that looks at loneliness from every angle, and creates a sanctuary for it. Listen to Rivers and all will be clear. Continue reading The Golden Filter – Rivers

LEFTI – City Heart

Former Cobra Starship bassist Alex Suarez slips deeper into the electro-pop scene with his solo project LEFTI. His latest track “City Heart,” featuring Louis Epstein, is all razor-sharp synth lines and dreamy vocals, with a funk-driven bass line that aims to please. This track has a little bit for everyone, looping disco-led synths and lush vocals. LEFTI has established a strong foundation of self-produced remixes … Continue reading LEFTI – City Heart